Woman Given Painful Punishment by Islamic Fundamentalists for Listening to Music in Afganistan

women in islam

Asia News, Delhi Magazine: After the occupation of Afghanistan, the cruelty of Taliban against women is not decreasing. Recently a surprising case has come to light. A woman was flogged on the back in public just because she was listening to music.

The video of this woman being whipped has been shared by renowned Afghan Peace Watch reporter Habib Khan on his Twitter (x) account.


As soon as the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban government established its rule in Afghanistan, it started oppressing women and snatching away women’s freedom. A few months ago also, a women’s radio station was shut down. It was accused of playing songs during the month of Ramzan. The name of the radio station was Sadai Banovan. It means women’s voice. The radio station was started 10 years ago. It had a staff of only 6 people, including only women.

The Minister of Culture and Information of Badakhshan province has confirmed the ban on the radio station. He has said that this station was violating the laws of Islam.

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