Uproar Over Appointment of First Lady Judge in Pakistan

Justice Ayesha A Malik of Lahore High Court

Asian Desk, Delhi- Magazine: The appointment of Justice Ayesha Malik, the first woman judge in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, seems to be stuck. The final decision on this issue is to be taken in the meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) to be held on Thursday. The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has already threatened that all courts in the country will be closed if Justice Ayesha is promoted to the Supreme Court. The Bar Council is not giving any concrete reason for the opposition of Justice Ayesha. They says that it is fine in the High Court, but no woman judge should be appointed in the Supreme Court.

Justice Ayesha A Malik of Lahore High Court

Justice Musheer Alam had recommended

If, if Ayesha Malik becomes a judge, then this will be the first time in the history of Pakistan that there will be a woman Chief Justice. Outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan Musheer Alam has recommended Justice Ayesha Malik to become the first woman Chief Justice of Pakistan. Ayesha is currently a judge of the Lahore High Court.

However, the decision in the matter of making Justice Ayesha a Supreme Court judge is to be taken in the meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan to be held on 6 January. In the last meeting, 4 members were in support of the appointment, while 4 were against. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed twice decided to post Justice Ayesha Maliko in the Supreme Court, but both times he was opposed. Those opposing say that Justice Gulzar is about to retire, so only the new Chief Justice will take a decision on this.

Bar council threat on woman Chief Justice

The Pakistan Bar Council is not ready to say anything clearly, but is protesting. The Bar Council has said that if the appointment of Justice Ayesha is approved, then it will close all the courts of the country. Justice Ayesha is currently posted in the Lahore High Court. The matter of Ayesha’s appointment is pending since September. The Bar Council says that Justice Ayesha is not fit to be a judge in the Supreme Court even in terms of seniority. So the appointment rules should be changed.

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