How do I know When My Baby is Teething?


Symptoms that make it easier for you to recognize that your child’s teeth are starting to come out.

Teething: general symptoms

  1. A baby teething is nervous and anxious. He starts to sleep worse, he develops a lack of appetite.
  2. There are also gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation, although these may not be related to teething, as the first teeth appear around the same time that the baby’s diet is expanded.
  3. There is also excessive salivation and rash around the mouth during teething.
  4. There may also be increased body temperature (up to 38.5 ℃). If it occurs through teething, it is caused by inflammation at the site of the eruption of the tooth. However, the causes of fever may also be different.

teething 1Teething: Other symptoms

Among the other symptoms of teething, the Daddy Dentist lists:

  1. Redness and swelling as well as increased temperature of the mucosa at the site of tooth eruption.
  2. The inflammation of the marginal gingiva, which occurs several days before the tooth erupts. Because of this, the baby becomes hyperactive, salivates profusely and puts hard objects in his mouth, which can damage the delicate mucosa.
  3. Teething also means the appearance of bluish spots, i.e. a blueish mucosa above the erupting tooth. Most often it disappears with the appearance of a tooth, but you should pay attention to it and consult your doctor to rule out a union cyst that hinders tooth eruption.
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