Alternate Venues To Host A Small Wedding

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The current COVID situation has changed several aspects of our lives. However, there are only a few industries that have felt the effects of COVID as much as the Indian wedding industry.  In a country that believes in the values of family, we have been used to holding extravagant weddings, including everyone we have ever shared a smile with, in our celebrations. After all, there’s a reason it is called a ‘big fat Indian wedding’. With that said, the big fat Indian weddings will not be happening in the foreseeable future as the Indian government has instructed that weddings must not include any more than fifty guests.

In a country where even the weddings labelled as ‘small’ and ‘intimate’ involve 100+ people, this government directive has put a wrench in the plans of the couples that have planned to get married this year.  With that said, couples have no choice but to adapt.  Among the many aspects of the wedding that will be scaled down, the venue is perhaps an exception. You can ask your caterer for fewer plates of food, you can ask your decorator to decorate a smaller space, you can ask your wedding photographer for fewer photos but you cannot scale down a venue.

Hence, most couples have no option but to move their wedding to a smaller venue. However, moving from a banquet hall or a wedding garden to a smaller venue can be confusing. In this article, we will discuss a few alternative venue options that are ideal for a small wedding involving no more than 50 people:

Wedding At Home

marriage planning  at home in lockdownHosting your wedding at the bride’s home is not a new concept. Traditionally, at least one of the functions of the wedding were held at the bride;s and groom’s respective homes. So, why can’t a wedding happen there?

In fact, there are several advantages of hosting the wedding at your home. The most significant one is of course, eliminating the cost of booking a venue. You can customise the decor at your home unlike any other place. Moreover, if safety is a concern and you plan on inviting even less than 50 people, hosting your wedding at your home may be the best thing to do.

However, it is important to correctly predict whether or not the space in your home is enough for your guest list. Not all homes are suited for hosting weddings. For instance, if you live in a two or three bedroom apartment, hosting a wedding at home might turn out to be a great challenge. This solution is ideally suited for those that have independent homes, preferably with free access to the terrace where vendors like the caterers can set up their operations.

Small Farmhouse

marriage venue in lock down - small farmhouseFarmhouse weddings have been a hit on the Indian wedding scene. While hosting a wedding in a huge farmhouse that is probably only meant for hosting weddings is not feasible at this time, many smaller farmhouses are opening their doors for intimate wedding parties. A smaller farmhouse can easily accommodate upto 50 people and may also offer comfortable accommodation for you and your most intimate guests.  Moreover, you also have a lot of freedom to get creative with the decor and can even host multiple functions and choose between an indoor and outdoor setting for each function.

Garden Restaurants

Most of us living in the cities have at least one garden restaurant that we’re in love with. So why not host your wedding at one! Most garden restaurants boast a heady mixture of great food and tasteful decors. Moreover, most of these restaurants can easily fit a party of 50 people. Since the restaurant business is slow due to the current government restrictions, you might also be able to get a great deal on booking the whole place for your wedding.

Finally, garden restaurants, with their beautiful interiors and dreamy exteriors will be an absolute delight for your wedding photographer.

However, keep in mind that many other couples will also have the same idea and if you don’t hurry up, you may find that the best garden restaurants in your city are already booked for most auspicious dates.

Boutique Hotels/ Country Clubs

Country clubs are a great venue for hosting weddings because a single country club can potentially offer multiple venues for different functions at a single destination. Most country clubs boast a collection of restaurants, gardens, and even small (and big) party halls that can be used for different functions. Moreover, most modern country clubs also offer decor and catering services so you don’t have to coordinate with multiple vendors.

However, if you have already paid other vendors, choosing a country club might not be an option because many country clubs have strict policies against using third party vendors for events held within their venue premises.

Local Community Halls

marriage in lock downIf the previous options seemed too expensive and restrictive, a local community hall is the solution to your woes. Perfect for hosting small events, these venues are cheap and the decor and catering are not included, so you will be free to bring in your own vendors. With that said, one issue with many community centers is that they aren’t exceptionally beautiful. However, there are always exceptions and with enough effort, you can find a beautiful venue. Once again, most community centers will be booked well in advance for the upcoming wedding season. Hence, it is advisable to hurry up with your search, settle on a venue, and make bookings as soon as possible.


While places of worship aren’t allowed to open right now in many parts of the country, this is bound to change in the near future.  Sure, weddings held within temples and gurudwaras will not be fancy, but they will still have everything needed to create a holy bond of matrimony. If you and your future spouse don’t care about the bells and whistles and are only concerned with getting married, a temple/gurudwara wedding might just be the ideal option for you.

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