Handwashing with Soap is Much Better Than A Sanitizer

Handwashing with soap is much better than a sanitizer

Until before Corona  we used sanitizer only when we went to the hospital to look after a patient. In the current scenario, this has been metamorphosed.  In this Covid era people are using sanitizer as a domestic product and far more than the soap. However, micro-bacterial experts recommend not doing so at all. Rajiv Neema, an expert in microbiology at ICMR’s National AIDS Research Institute in Pune, says, washing hands with soap is much better than a sanitizer. Use a sanitizer only if you do not have the option to wash your hands is recommended. It can also have side effects in the long term, which can affect the functions of cells. If you use the sanitizer over, it draws the water present in the body, which can cause skin dryness.

The use of sanitizer is immediately effective. Although the sanitizer kills 99% of bacteria, it is 100% effective in case of Covid. However, it is better to use a disinfectant made of hypo chloride when applying the wipe.

Compared to sanitizer, using soap is better as it kills more bacteria or viruses. Moreover, soap can be applied to every tip of the palm and fingers and can be thoroughly washed with water. This kind of deep cleaning is not possible using the sanitizer.

Sanitizer Vs Soap: Which one is better

Both sanitizer and soap are capable of fighting the virus, but washing the virus is a more effective solution. Soap contains fat-like substances that are more capable of fighting the virus.Hand wash with soap

The advantage of cleaning the hands with soap is that if there is an infection in the hands, then it is removed.
Sanitizer  do not get rid of all types of bacteria. The use of sanitizer does not guarantee 100 percent to get rid of the virus. While soap washes away the virus effectively.

Most people touch their face once every 2-5 minutes. As long as the virus is present in your hand, the risk of getting infected by the virus is high. Especially until you wash your hands.

If you have dry skin on your hands, wash your hands properly with soap to completely eliminate the risk of the virus.

What does a sanitizer work for?

handwash with sanitizersThe basic concept of a sanitizer is to sterilize a surface. The sanitizer would free any surface from organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungus. Even very fine things like DN, RN are cleared.

There are two types of sanitizers in the market. These are:

  1. Alcohol Based
  2. Alcohol Free Sanitizer

Alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective in Covid. If alcohol is more than 70% in a sanitizer, it is best.

Alcohol Based Sanitizer

It contains 60 to 95% alcohol, which consists of ethanol, propanol and iso-propanol. It protects from germs. It is also used in medical disinfection.

Alcohol Free Sanitizer

It contains antiseptic, which are anti microbial agents or benzaconium chloride. It removes germs completely, it also contains rosemary, which makes our hands soft, and also smells good.

how these are useful in case of covid-19 virus or other viruses

Virus is protein and RNA. It dies of foaming. So as soon as we use soap or sanitizer, it dies. The sanitizer contains 70 ethanol, iso propanol. Therefore it kills the proteins of the virus.

Some sanitizers are effective, but cause skin damage. Some fragrant sanitizers are also coming in the market, but ethanol based sanitizers are much better.

What precautions should be taken while using a sanitizer?

When using alcohol, we should stay away from fire, because alcohol is flammable.

Do not touch the hand, mouth, nose, and eyes immediately after rubbing the sanitizer on your hand, as this includes side effects.

How long does the sanitizer effect?

By applying the sanitizer to the hands or surface, the bacteria and viruses present die. But the effect of the sanitizer lasts only for three to four minutes. After this, the alcohol present in itceases to have an effect.

Therefore, after using the sanitizer, as soon as you touched a surface again, you can come in contact with bacteria or viruses again.

Can you eat or drink anything after using the sanitizer?

Experts say that there is no danger of eating food or drinking water with hand sanitizer. As sanitizer vanishes in a few minutes of application, the risk is reduced. And anyway there is no risk of small amounts of alcohol going inside the body. But, if you use it 10 to 20 times a day, then the risk factor may be more.

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