Vastu Tips for Bathroom

vastu tips for bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom

According to the Home Vastu tips, the best place to make a bathroom for bathing is north or east direction. If needed, it can also be made in other directions where water taps and showers can be applied in the north or east direction. Apply the geyser in the bathroom at an igneous angle. The drainage of the bathroom should also be from the north or east side. To keep oil, soap, shampoo, towels, brooms, brushes, etc. in the bathroom, the rack should be made in the south or west direction of the bathroom. According to Vastu Shastra, the commode should be placed in the toilet in such a way that the mouth of the sitter is facing north, back facing south.

If the bathroom and toilet of the house is not in the right direction, then there is an atmosphere of unnecessary bickering in the family. Not only this, in a house where bathroom and toilet are together, Vastu dosha definitely occurs in that house.

Bathrooms and toilets- Generally, bathrooms and toilets are made in three ways – Combined bathrooms and toilets with sleeping rooms of the house, combined bathrooms and toilets for everyone inside the house and separate bathrooms and toilets.
According to Vastu Shastra, bathrooms can be built indoors in north or east direction whereas toilets can be constructed in the north, south direction or south direction. For the combined bathrooms and toilets, the west aerial angle and the east igneous angle are considered good.

Nowadays the fashion of decorating toilets, bathrooms is going on a lot. According to Feng Shui, the positive energy collected in the house is flushed by decorating the toilet more, so decorating the toilet bathroom is not architecturally compatible.

Some best vastu tips for Bathroom :

1. Toilets can always be made anywhere except at the northeast angle. There is a possibility of health problems and financial troubles due to making toilet in the northeast.

2. The dirty water coming out of the toilet from the north or east direction is auspicious.

3. The bathroom should be constructed between South and West direction.

4. Apply water tap and shower in the bathroom in north or east direction.

5. If you have a mirror in the bathroom, then keep in mind that it should not face the door. This causes negative energy to enter the house.

6. Do not keep the bucket or bathtub in the bathroom empty. When water is always full of these, happiness remains permanent. Stone Bathtub should be placed in the bathroom from east, north or northeast angle. stone bathtub in bathroom

7. Blue bucket should be kept in the bathroom. Blue color is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

8. Hanging crystal ball doors in the bathroom prevents the spread of negative energy.

9. Electrical appliances in the bathroom should always be in the south east ie igneous angle.

10. Water should not be kept continuously dripping from the bathroom faucet. It is considered to be a very big Vastu defect.

11.  The color of bathroom walls should be light like white, light blue, sky etc.

12.  Adjacent to the bathroom, it is convenient to have a place of clothes and utensils near the kitchen.

13. The bathroom door should not be in front of the kitchen door.

14. If the bathroom is large and the washing machine is also placed in it, then the machine can be placed in south or igneous angle.

15. The bathroom door should be to the east or north.

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