Dr. Viral Desai – Things To Know About his Personal Life

Dr. Viral Desai is a cosmetic and plastic surgeon

Dr. Viral Desai is a name that you would come across every time you try researching Plastic & Cosmetic surgery. With a career span of over 20 years and achievements that most medical professionals dream of, Dr. Desai is a thought leader in his field and has associations with a number of regional, national and international bodies. Here, we tell you about Dr. Viral Desai’s personal life.

Dr. Viral Desai is a cosmetic and plastic surgeon

“Dr. Viral Desai” – Family Background

Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, making a career in medicine came naturally to him. His father, late Dr. Ramesh Desai was a Radiologist, while his mother, Dr. Sarla Desai is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician – both specialists in their respective fields.

“Dr. Viral Desai”  – The urge to chase excellence

As a person, one quality that we can all implement from Dr. Desai’s life is the quality of being inquisitive and chasing excellence. Dr. Viral Desai is a lifelong learner. His inquisitive nature and quest for excellence led him to pursue the most difficult degrees, from prestigious universities and build a name in the medical field. One of the many reasons why people who want to elevate their looks, look up to Dr. Viral Desai and hold him in high regards.

There was a time when plastic surgeries were looked down upon. Today, people are open to it and even flaunt the surgeries that they do. And why not? If we never had issues with replacing organs, why should we have an issue with replacing tissues on our body? Dr. Viral Desai asked this question and changed the narrative of plastic & cosmetic surgeries in India.

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“Dr. Viral Desai”  – Building A Professional Life

Dr. Desai’s First Internship Training Programme: In the year 1997, Dr. Viral Desai started his journey towards becoming a Doctor by taking up an internship.

Becoming a House Officer: In the year 1998, he started off as a House Officer – General Secretary at Dr. R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai.

M.S. (General Secretary): 2 years into his journey as a medical professional, he moved to Tata Memorial Hospital & Cancer Research, where he took up the role of M.S. (General Secretary).

Stepping Into Plastic Surgery: In the year 2003, he joined Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai and started his journey towards becoming a full time plastic surgeon.

From there on, his career took off. He also did a lot of fellowships and got associated with many national, international and regional bodies, to ensure that his patients and prospects have access to procedural information.

“Dr. Viral Desai”  – Relationship With Patients

Dr. Desai is a naturally warm and approachable person. You would find several reviews from his patients that talk about how he always goes the extra mile and ensures that his patients feel comfortable around him. As a cosmetic surgeon, it becomes really important for patients to feel comfortable with the Doctor, and Dr. Viral Desai Cosmetic Surgeon, who is very particular about building a rapport with his patients before he actually starts the procedure of treatment. 

His good relationship with patients is also one of the reasons why he is associated with so many high profile clients. Everyone wants to be associated with warm and welcoming people. It is a quality that is appreciated even in a cosmetic surgeon!


This article was an insight into Dr. Viral Desai’s personal life. His inquisitive nature, urge to chase excellence, the quality of being joyful and his humble family background are the backbone of his successful professional life. There is something to learn from everyone’s journey, and we hope, as a reader, you learnt a thing or two from Dr. Viral Desai’s personal life!

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