Ms. Megha Sharma – Director of LusterPR, a Public Relations Agency

Megha Sharma- Luster PR

Startup Desk, Delhi- Magazine: In New India, women are crossing all the barriers of discrimination and making a place for themselves in the corporate world with their hardwork and Dedication. Today we at Delhi Magazine, we are introducing you with such an amazing presonality- Ms. Megha Sharma who is Director of LusterPR.

Question 1. Tell us something about your family and background?

Answer: I am an entrepreneur, a wife to a super supportive husband and a mother to a lovely boy. I am a media enthusiast by background and a Public Relations consultant by profession. Being a media enthusiast since my early days, it was my conscious effort in life to achieve a demanding position in this particular industry. Behind my success as an entrepreneur is the constant support and efforts of my parents, especially my mother. My mother is my greatest inspiration. I always wondered how she managed to perform so many roles and completed a lot of tasks with such ease and despite working hard throughout the day, she still managed to make time for her children.

Megha Sharma and her son, Puraanjay

Being a working mother, especially when your baby is too young, is quite tough. There was a time when I was doubtful about my work efficiency post my pregnancy. It was becoming very difficult for me to manage my office work while performing the roles of a new mother. At that moment, it was my mother who helped me overcome this challenge. I learnt a lesson that day that a mother should never consider herself bounded with responsibilities, instead, she should be bold enough to accomplish her passion and dreams while nurturing her child. Because of her inspiring words, I decided that I will give my 100% to raise my kid as well as my business and I promised myself that I will leave no stone unturned. I never looked back after that day. Even though I got busy in my work life, I never missed a single chance to embrace the magic of motherhood. Truly, a woman is like a warrior and she can accomplish anything and overcome any challenge if she holds a strong determination.

Megha sharma with Puraanjay

 Question 2. What hurdles did you face in your journey?

Answer: The main challenges I faced were during my pregnancy and post pregnancy period. When you are doing a job, you get a number of perks during your pregnancy period. You get maternity leave, you can take an off or even leave the job if you are facing complications during your pregnancy or if you don’t feel well during that time. But this is not the case when you are running your own company. It is near to impossible to take leaves, to ignore or to let go off the work and deadlines if you are not feeling well. You have to do client servicing and even have to manage the office work. The same happened with me during my pregnancy and post pregnancy period. I used to go for meetings and events, handle the accounts of clients and even manage the work of other employees.

Question 3. What are your future plans/goals?

Answer: Till today I have successfully managed to maintain a balance between my life as a mother and my work life. Moving on the same path, now that I have established a firm foothold in India, I will be working on strategies and mission statements to help aid and expand our horizons overseas. It is also my long-term goal to place LusterPR as one of the top 5 PR agencies in India, and I have no doubt in my mind about achieving this goal. Apart from this, I want to be a perfect role model for my son and I even want to work hard with him, for him, his career and his life.

Question 4. What message would you like to convey through Delhi magazine?  (100 to 200 words)

Answer: Success comes to those whose dreams are bigger than their fears. Nothing is impossible. Just like me you can also raise your kid and your business together. Just a little hard work and you are good to go. There will be lots of hurdles and challenges coming your way but once you learn to overcome them and find the key to consistency, you will become a successful and stronger Mompreneur in real sense.


Delhi Magazine Team

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