7th International Yoga Day- Why Ukrainian celebrities Loves Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is not just a form of physical activity, it is also a mental and spiritual practice. The very word “yoga”, which came to us from Sanskrit, means “connection”, “connection”, “harmony” – of the soul and body. And the date June 21 for Yoga Day was not chosen by chance: after all, this is the day of the summer solstice, the longest of the year. When you can and should find time for yourself. Put your palms together and say: “Namaste!” Hello world. Hello my new self.

Les find out which of the celebrities is doing yoga, and asked Ukrainian stars to tell their story in this type of physical activity.

Ruslan Kvinta, music producer and composer

– I turned 40, I was not satisfied with my way of life: improper diet, cigarettes, sometimes alcohol … And in general I wanted to find something new in my life. Maybe even radically change something. The coach helped – Flex Derek (Slava Komakha), a student of the most flexible person in the world, Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev. I have been doing gymnastics according to his method for 4 years. Then there were 4 more years of yoga classes with Eugene Rapp. As a result, today I practice three areas: yoga, gymnastics and Tibetan exercises.

Ruslan KvintaI created my 40-minute complex, I do it every day in the morning. Plus, contrast showers and high-speed evening hiking trips three times a week.

I added the best to my program – and what suits me individually. Gymnastics is the flexibility of the whole body. Yoga is about breathing exercises, bhastrika (breathing exercises) and kapalabhati (a technique to cleanse the respiratory system). Tibetan exercises are all about balance and symmetry of the whole body. Cross – cardio, endurance and walking meditation. Here I also include dynamic trataka (this is a special yoga for the eyes, “looking at a point in motion”).

Yoga is my electricity. And I am the charge. This is a wonderful mood, a feeling of strength and vigor, tone, efficiency. And the main thing is health!

Yoga is a path and it has no end. You either come to him or not. I am glad that my body pushed me to this decision.



Lydia Taran, TV presenter

Lydia TaranI have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. After the birth of her daughter Vasilina, she began to recover and go to various training sessions. And at some point I realized that these activities did not meet the requirements of my body. I wanted to be flexible and strong and at the same time feel peace of mind. And it so happened that one day I got to classes with Anna Vovk. It was Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The first couple of years the classes were not easy, but my body prompted me to move in this direction, this is my path.

Everyone comes to yoga at their own age … An inner feeling comes when you understand – this is mine. And you see the result by 3-4 lesson. The transformations are very noticeable.

When I start the morning with yoga, I know this day will be great. I feel very good physically and mentally well.

As a rule, I do it 3-4 times a week. There was a time when I took a lot of individual training. To highlight accents and understand how the body works, what to look for.

On average, one lesson takes 2 hours. For about an hour – breathing practices, and then asanas. These are the hours that shape the physical condition for the next few days. Sometimes I regret that in the morning before work I do not always have time to devote myself to practice. Classes give a feeling of readiness for the challenges and pressures of the day.

I would call yoga the most accessible sport. Just a rug is enough – I have three of them. One in the car – always with me, one in the country and another at home. And besides the rug, nothing is needed. You come to class and do what the teacher says and what you feel, knowing your body and its capabilities. For some, lessons on Youtube are suitable, for others online. But in general, yoga is available to everyone. This is what brings health and happiness to everyone.

I am very glad that I came to yoga. Yoga is not really a sport – it is also a spiritual practice. And this is the best thing that happened to me in the last 10 years, not counting the birth of a child.

Anna Panova, TV presenterAnna Panova

For the first time I came to yoga classes for the company with my mother. It was over 10 years ago. I liked the practice, but did not capture it the first time. Then the priority for me was shaping, and later ballet. But after a few years I turned to yoga again: several times a week in my sports “menu” was choreography, and at least once – yoga.

Yoga is about back health, active joints and strong muscles, as this type of workout works deeply with the body. And also – the opportunity to be “here and now”, to feel inner harmony.

Yoga is not about pumping up the buttocks, but you can still get good shape if you are consistent. Now, as an advanced practitioner, I choose themed workouts on the Internet: on the legs, abs or back. It’s very effective! And I advise beginners to start with a coach. And here is the main advantage of yoga: after shaping, TRX or workout you want to relax, right? Yoga, on the contrary, gives strength, awakens every cell of the body.

Alina Lyashuk

I realized that I need yoga when I felt that my body and mind are ready to be alone with myself, because yoga, first of all for me, is solitude. And you have to be ready for this.Alina Lyashuk

It’s hard to say how long yoga takes me: it all depends on the timing. Sometimes it can be an hour, sometimes 20 minutes. As for the number of workouts, then 1-3 times a week.

Valeria Tovstoles, Actress

Yoga has become a popular trend with many celebrities. I started dancing 4 years ago, and our choreographer gave a lot of yoga exercises during the warm-up. Then I decided to go to a separate lesson – this time yoga. It was very hard, but my body could no longer live without it. Now yoga for me is like a shower or a bath – a mandatory procedure to relax and put the body in order.

I try to do yoga every day – it’s like exercising in the morning. I give her about 20 minutes. But my most ideal workouts take place on vacation – near the sea or in the forest. There I can do yoga for an hour. In order to have time and thoroughly stretch the body, and meditate.

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