Hieromartyr Basil Memorial Day – 9 May

Hieromartyr Basil

Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: Today the Orthodox Church honors the memory of Hieromartyr Basil. He lived in the IV century in the city of Amasya. He devoted himself to the defense of Christians, fighting against pagans and idolaters, and also supporting those who believe in the Lord. He repeatedly attended the Councils and wrote letters in which he condemned the Aryans.

Then the emperor was Licinius, who had a special passion for his wife’s maid, named Glafira. He intended to marry her, but Glafira told her mistress about this and asked to save her. The queen sent a maid to Amasya, where Basil lived. The saint took her under his care and informed the emperor that the maid had died.

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At that time, a new temple was being built in Amasia, and Glafira wrote a letter to her queen, asking for help. However, this letter fell into the hands of an angry emperor. He ordered the bishop and Glafira to be brought to him. When they arrived, the maid was immediately killed, and Vasily was thrown into prison, demanding that he renounce God. However, the saint refused, and they cut off his head.

What not to do on May 9:

  • to woo, get married, marry – such an alliance will be short-lived;
  • clean the house;
  • wash the windows;
  • go hunting.
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