Negative Energy : How to Get Rid of Negative Energy From Home

how to remove negative energy from home vastu tips

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi-Magazine: There are two types of energy – positive and negative. Both of these have a special effect on us. Sometimes it happens that a work stops suddenly while it is being done. Failure starts everywhere, so understand that some negative energy is chasing you. There are certain measures that can be taken to convert failures into successes.

how to remove negative energy from home vastu tips

Keep in mind here that negative energy does not mean ghosts and spirits, but some Vastu defect in the house, due to which negative energy starts affecting life. It can be removed by making changes in Vastu.

When there is communication of positive energy in the house, then happiness, peace and prosperity remains in the house, progress comes. But at the same time, when negative energy enters the house, then problems start coming one after the other. Fights and fights start in the house, the happiness of the house gets disturbed, there is a shortage of money.

Dhoop and Gangajal Sprinkle:

In the house, you burn the incense of Guggul and chant any mantra and rotate it in the whole house. This is also the best way to get negative energy out of the house. Take water in a bowl, mix some cow urine or Ganga water in it, remembering God and sprinkle it with mango or Ashoka leaves throughout the house.

Wipe off the salt water

Apart from food, very few people know about the other benefits of salt. The element of salt is also associated with happiness and prosperity. Putting salt in water and wiping it in the house destroys the negative energy of the house. While wiping the house on all the days except Thursday, put a pinch of sea salt in the water and wipe the whole house with this salt water. This is the best way to drive away negative energy from the house. Scatter salt in all the corners of the house in the evening and throw the salt out after cleaning the corners in the morning.

Worship daily at home: Recitation of worship at home also removes the negative energy of the house. Worship at home in the morning and evening and light a lamp of ghee. Seeing any auspicious date, do the story of Satyanarayan in the house. If the prosperity of the house is stopping, then take some special measures to remove it. Light a mustard oil lamp at the main entrance of the house on Saturday.
The lamp brings back the positive energy in the house. While worshiping, sing bhajans in melodious voices while ringing bells etc.

Special attention to cleanliness

Poverty in the house starts with dirt. Clean all the corners of the house thoroughly. Cleanliness is the most direct and easiest way to remove negative energy from the house. Always keep the main door of the house clean from where you enter so that negative energy does not enter the house. It is important to keep the house clean and good looking not only from inside but also from outside.

4. Plant flowers in the house:

Plant such plants in the house which are good for health. Such as neem, basil, mint. Apart from purifying the environment, they also give good health. By planting good fresh flowers, the house will remain fragrant and negative energy will be removed.

Some other vastu tips to remove negative energy frome home

  1. All the windows of the house must be opened for at least 20 minutes every day.
  2. The necklace of flowers offered to the deities in the temple of the house must be removed on the second day. Old flowers also generate negative energy.
  3. Dust-soil, junk, bad electrical appliances should also be removed from the house. They also generate negative energy.
  4. Must plant a Tulsi plant in the house.
  5. With these measures, you can reduce the negative energy in your home to a great extent. Along with this, from time to time, you should also get Havan done at home.

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